• Jasmine King


I can’t breathe! As these words pierce my mind and my heart. The words of George Floyd and Eric Garner, who lives were taken away due to police brutality. I literally cannot breathe. I can’t find the words or the energy to deal with the trauma experienced by black people from police brutality, macro/microaggressions, and systemic racism that bleeds through the US. I don’t know how to comfort my fellow brothers and sisters. I don’t know how to help you vent and heal from tragedy after tragedy that continues to permeate our communities. I’m emotionally drained and exhausted.

How can we move forward when we continue to be oppressed and singled out? How can we become a strong community in a place where we are constantly robbed of our freedom and life?

I pray that all of you are safe as you continue to protest for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the many others taken from us by police brutality. I know these actions will not bring them back. I only hope that we can be used as a vessel to allow the flow of change to penetrate our judicial system.

In addition to protesting, there are several ways you can contribute to bring about this change by donating directly to George Floyd's memorial fund and organizations aimed to provide bail funds and legal counsel to protestors. This information is provided below.





I love you all!

- The Black STEMinist

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